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May 12, 2017

File Type
Cameras will allow you to save your files in several different formats. The most common are RAW, TIFF, and JPEG.
RAW files are the highest quality and capture the most data but they require post-production processing in order to make a usable image. So do not save your files in RAW format unless you’re certain that the person who will be getting the files is familiar with processing them.
TIFF Files are uncompressed data and you should choose this setting whenever you’re looking for the best quality file. If not, then save your files in JPEG format with the highest quality setting (least amount of compression) possible.
When in doubt, select whatever setting that allows you to save the least number of files on your memory card. Larger files give better quality, so the larger the file the fewer you’ll be able to save on your card.
My next post will be about Exposure. Believe it or not, your camera has settings other than Automatic!